Winning The War Within

In 2010 Jason wrote the Supernatural Power of Forgiveness after his divorce and a season of heartbreak. Now, ten years later and farther along in his journey of redemption, he’s revised the book to include the lessons and process that came over this past decade which have led to a life of abundance and thriving.

Winning the War Within holds keys for living in wholeness no matter the circumstances. This poignant story illustrates a surrender to God’s grace and healing as well as the ability to own your story so that you can work through pain and turn the darkest of days into your greatest victories.

It’s time to discover how God will heal your wounds and use the healing process to restore your shattered dreams and fulfill the longings of your heart.

Emotional Prosperity E-Course

Learn powerful steps to identify the root cause of a problem, solve the issue using dynamic and practical tools, and create a plan of action to develop healthy mindsets that will sustain true emotional prosperity. This e-course is for anyone who wants to resolve issues in their own lives and the lives of those around them. This 16-part video e-course, includes over 7 hours of teaching, interviews, and counseling demonstrations.

Emotional Prosperity Manual

In this counseling manual, you will learn how to become an advocate for the hurting, give power to the powerless, and create hope that will energize yourself or your client to believe that true and lasting healing is actually possible.

Supernatural Power of Forgiveness

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness will help you discover that God doesn’t only heal your wounds, but He also uses the healing process to equip you for a whole, fulfilled, and powerful life! Reshape mindsets on working through pain and becoming an emotionally whole person.