Emotional Health
The church should be the leader in emotional health. Together, we will learn how to thrive body, soul and spirit!

Living Wholehearted
It’s time to remove shame from our lives and live fully alive! This requires us to face fear and move into vulnerability with yourself, God, and others!

Men’s Ministry
Almost all systemic issues in our society are directly tied to the absence of fathers/men and live. Our young men are lost, and my greatest passion is to turn the hearts of fathers back to their sons!

How to Invite Jason

Jason Vallotton carries a conviction to give away what God has entrusted to him. It is an absolute honor to travel and be a part of what God is doing all over the planet.

Below, you will find a form to fill-out which is a formal invitation. This information helps we prayerfully consider which events Jason should accept.

Some helpful information to consider as you submit this form.

  • Airfare, food, and lodging expenses will be covered by the hosting church or organization.
  • Jason Vallotton materials, such as books and teachings, will be sent to each event. We request the hosting church or organization provide an appropriate location to send materials as well as someone to manage the book table

Thank you for your invitation to be part of what God is doing in your city.