Transform Your Life
Step into the journey of living a whole-hearted life, approaching life with confidence and great expectation.
In this e-course, Jason Vallotton leads you through powerful steps to identify the root cause of a problem, solve the issue using dynamic and practical tools, and create a plan of action to develop healthy mindsets that will sustain true emotional prosperity.

Find Wholeness & Healing

Life is painful. Unfortunately, we can’t shield ourselves or those we love from the reality of suffering in our lives. But we can seek wholeness and healing—and reclaim the hope Jesus died to give us — through a process of repentance and renewed mindsets. We can forgive ourselves and others, moving forward in the victory we were always meant to embrace.
Through eight, practical weeks of teaching, you’ll learn how to become an advocate for the hurting, give power to the powerless, and create hope that will energize you to believe that true and lasting healing is actually possible.
Wherever you are on the journey, Jason Vallotton, will walk you through powerful steps to find the real issues beneath the surface of your struggle. Solve these issues and sustain a process of wholeness and true wellness in your life.
Get ready to be equipped and activated into their God-given identities and to be encouraged to align your life with His perfect design for you.
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Week 1: Preparation

In this week’s teachings, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success by gauging whether a client is the right fit for your counseling, gaining a healthy sense of self awareness and a rhythm of self-care, setting the tone for healing to occur in a session, instilling a sense of hope by sharing your own victories with clients, and effectively stepping into an advocacy role that will empower your clients to walk in freedom.

Lessons include:
Video 1 - Know Yourself
Video 2 – Prepare for a Session
Video 3 – Creating Clear Expectations

Week 2: Identifying the Problem

You’ll discover in this week’s teaching practical ways to communicate in order to unveil the problems, how to lower anxiety in the room and why it’s so important to create a safe environment to be vulnerable. You’ll also watch a counseling demonstration in which Jason walks a client through a struggle with conflict, uncovering the problem beneath the surface so he can pinpoint the perfect approach for her healing.

Lessons include:
Video 4 - Identifying the Problem
Video 5 - Live Demonstration

Week 3: Identifying Belief Systems and Cycles

It’s our beliefs that create our actions. For deep and lasting healing to take place, we have to address these beliefs and replace them with new, victorious mindsets. In this week’s teaching, you will gain practical tools for understanding how beliefs impact us, how to effectively find beliefs and why it’s so important to replace old, untruthful beliefs with new, victorious ones. From Abi Stumvoll’s testimony of walking through childhood trauma and health issues, you’ll also learn about what it looks like to replace outdated beliefs with truth in your everyday life.

Lessons include:
Video 6 - Identifying Belief Systems
Video 7 - Identifying Belief Systems 2
Video 8 – Interview with Abi Stumvoll

Week 4: Identifying Root Issues & Repentance

Only by cutting off the root and walking forward in repentance with a renewed mind can we stop the symptoms that are causing so much pain in our lives. But this journey is more than a one-time “I’m sorry.” Solving our problems requires repentance, which means we’ll need to form new habits and thought patterns. In this week’s teaching, you’ll gain tools for finding and cutting off the roots of issues, understand the triggers that activate the root cause of painful emotions or experiences, and explore move forward in the process of replacing the poisonous root with the things of God.

Lessons include:
Video 9 - Identifying Root Issues
Video 10 – Repentance

Week 5: Working Through Pain & Forgiveness

Experiencing our pain and forgiving those who have wronged us go hand in hand. You’ll learn in this week’s teachings why it’s so important to feel uncomfortable emotions, how you can release trauma so you can hear what God has to say to you, and how you can empower others to feel powerful even in the trenches of emotions that feel overwhelming. You’ll also explore how to forgive like Jesus, and why forgiveness is actually an act of justice. Finally, in a counseling demonstration with Jason, you’ll see how feeling our pain and forgiving others can work powerfully together to bring healing.

Lessons include:
Video 11 - Working Through Pain
Video 12 - Forgiveness
Video 13 – Live Demonstration

Week 6: Creating a Firm Foundation

By keeping God at the center of the process and cultivating a healthy internal culture, you can build a firm foundation for a healthy, whole life. This week, we’ll cover the significance of replacing old ways of thinking and why it’s so important to keep the Lord at the center of the rebuilding process. You’ll glean practical methods for integrating new habits into your life and showing yourself grace when you mess up. Lastly, in a conversation with Kris Vallotton, you’ll learn about the role of rest and adventure in your healing journey, and why building a new foundation requires accountability and learning.

Lessons include:
Video 14 - Foundations
Video 15 – Interview with Kris Vallotton

Week 7: Power Tools & Boundaries

God doesn’t leave us alone on the journey of living in freedom. He equips us and empowers us with all the tools we need to live. In this session, you will gain essential tools for living a powerful life. You’ll also learn about the importance of boundaries in connection, how they help keep you on God’s assignment, and why it’s so crucial to maintain “normal” in our lives. Finally, you’ll watch a demo counseling session, where Jason provides practical feedback for speaking life and peace over people who are hurting.

Lessons include:
Video 16 – Power Tools
Video 17 - Boundaries
Video 18 – Live Demonstration

Week 8: Reconstruction

No matter what we’ve experienced in the past, when we are prepared and ready to take on the days ahead, we’ll be propelled into a life of emotional prosperity. In this final session, you’ll learn how to prepare an action plan that keeps you moving forward, along with practical ways to set attainable goals. We’ll also demystify what it means to be emotionally healthy while working in ministry so you can maintain wholeness and balance in the life God has for you.

Lessons include:
Video 19 - Reconstruction
Video 20 – Interview with Havilah Cunnington


What’s Included: 

  • 8 weeks with 20 videos. Over 7 hours of teachings
  • Interviews with Kris Vallotton, Havilah Cunnington and Abi Stumvoll
  • Live Counseling Sessions that will activate your personal healing
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Discover your belief systems, work through pain and find freedom!

About Jason

Jason Vallotton is the Pastoral Care Overseer of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and  a sought-after counselor, teacher and speaker. He has years of counseling individuals and leaders from around the world find emotional freedom. Jason oversees Bethel Church’s men’s ministry, with a passion to see “the hearts of fathers turn back to children!”


Q: Will I receive Emotional Prosperity in the mail?

A: No. The Emotional Prosperity E-Course is 100% digital, meaning you will have instant access via the web. You can begin your journey within minutes of making the decision to register.

Q: What happens after I purchase the Emotional Prosperity E-Course?

A: You will receive an email with your username and password to login to the course. Then you will be able to watch the video lessons and download the manual.

Q: Are my credit card details secure? A: Yes, they are 100% secure. All payments are processed through our PCI-compliant payment processor.

Q: Can I get access to the course all at once or only in pieces?

A: You will instantly receive access to all eight weeks of content which include twenty lessons when you register for the course. This is for your convenience so that you can go at your own pace!

Q: What if I have a question or need support?

A: We are here to help! With any questions, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help you!