Jason’s heart is to see the emotional prosperity increase through pastoring, counseling, teaching and equipping. His insight and wisdom have brought powerful breakthrough to difficult situations for both leaders and families. Jason is on the Core Team of Bethel church and has been on staff for over 15 years. He currently oversees the departments focused on emotional health and pastoral care for the local church including: the local church pastoral care team, the pre-marrieds ministry and the men’s ministry.

Jason has a vision for a global men’s ministry that will “turn the hearts of fathers back to the hearts of sons!” Jason and his father, Kris, are currently developing and hosting men’s events across the country to fulfill this call.

Jason is the co-author of three books: The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness, Moral Revolution, and Outrageous Courage. Jason and his wife Lauren live in Redding, California, and have three wonderful children.

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